Passion is our motivation
Sottobosco Paoli was established more than 10 years ago, based on the founder's many years of experience in the fruit and vegetable sector.

The company Sottobosco Paoli is based in Valsugana, near an enchanting valley called Valle dei Mòcheni. This area of Trentino is criss-crossed by the clear and uncontaminated waters of the Fersina stream, still populated by an ancient species of alpine trout. Unknown to most tourists, it is a place where the extraordinary force of nature is clearly manifest: large expanses of meadows and lush mountains, groves of larch, white fir and beech trees, extensive grazing areas, small streams and alpine lakes. In fact our company's mission is inspired by the nature that surrounds us.

Our mission is to convey our love for this land to our customers, filling the bottles and jars we produce every day with nature's best flavours so we can offer them to a discerning consumer.
Produce natural products for consumers who want to embrace a healthy lifestyle.


Important foundations to grow together
The company was founded in 1999 based on the founder's long experience in fruit and vegetable markets, relying on external production. After years of flourishing activity, in 2005 the company started its own production in the new plant of Civezzano. After years of success in Italy, having established partnerships with the largest Italian distribution chains, the company decided to look abroad and so it began the process of internationalisation that would allow it to start its export business.

Thanks to significant investments in mechanisation and a renewed image of its products aimed at making them more suitable for large retailers, the company was able to maximise its production capacity despite the small number of employees.

In 2013 the company registered with the FDA, the American Food and Drug Administration, which therefore allows exports to the United States. In 2014, it obtained two more important certifications: the British BRC certification (British Retail Consortium, with an A grade) and the German IFS certification (International Featured Standard). Thanks to these certifications, our products are now present in Japan, Singapore, the United States, Canada, Israel, the Middle East, Great Britain, France and Ireland.
In all natural things there is something wonderful - Aristotle


We use only the freshest ingredients to guarantee you the best